Fabulous Way

The time comes

To write these words

Full of joy and happiness

When the love gives

When the love dares

And when the wind

Blows on the land

On the leaves

Writing short poems

Natural poems

In god’s tongue

Shaking like a leaf

Some sounds of poetry.


Flying upon the trees

Aerial sense of lightness

Divine bird’s songs

Sending a message

To always renew love

Sweet and tender

Like everyday

Kinetic poem

Chosen by me

To conquer you

Again and again

Among the streets

Mine is a magic one

Where infinites possibilities grow

Where to come is evidence

And where we are in peace

Politic chessboard

Poetic translation

Walls of books

Library cathedral

to hide lovers

Some meat for holidays

To spend the weeks.

Spread wide wings

To support the sky

Blue blue sky of Montpellier

Always the sun shining

A delicate vision

Full of beauty

Full entertainment

Like a child’s game

So real so serious

Searching happiness

By association

Between words and visions.

Sending hope and favorable days

Spelling your name like devotion

Understanding that never will be other one

Than you in this time in the giant space

And that at the sea always return the water

So the new wave is a vision

In movement of scum singing

Up the wave recreated

Wave upon wave

On the book of sand

Ripple marks of all eternity.

About the poet

François Szabó

François Szabó

Poet born in Montpellier (France) a young, dynamic and cosmopolite city where grows everyday the poetry as un act of development and blossoming. Author of most than forty books in various languages for intent a new sensation of freedom in the literature’s work and find a voice always revisited in the reenchanted dreams.

So happy to join others poets for a project of anthology “Nueva Ola” to celebrate the always renewed poetic creation. You will find here these five poems in English but often the poetry is directly in French, Catalan, Russian, Spanish or Italian.